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Human, by nature, loves nature, more naturally than hates occasionally. In the human body, there’s always exists—a nature inside!  Human is a part of nature. Following five books—Nature Is My Teacher; Of Human Nature and Good Habits; Life, Living and Lifestyle; How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life; and Health and Medical Care—constitute a series that narrates the nature-human connection and its implication in our daily life, in the related set of topics. They provide a comprehensive familiarity about our planet, our environment, our cosmos, our body, our mind, our health, our food, our illnesses, our medics, our job, our life, our living, and our lifestyle. The universal appeal is: Every citizen of the planet deserves clean water, fresh air, and blue sky. 

Nature Is My Teacher

Nature is my teacher


 Mother has been and will always remain synonymous with love, devotion, and dedication; and giving nature the attributes of a mother—life-giving and fostering—is simply personification as a caring mother. When Mother Nature teaches, we learn. Nature Is My Teacher reveals the deep emotional connection between human evolution and civilization! The book primarily deals with the spiritual, notional, and physical aspect of nature in general. Let's take baby steps to follow Mother Nature.

Of Human Nature and Good Habits


  By nature, all humans are alike, but practice sets them apart. Practice of good habits is always associated with good life. Surprisingly, these good habits are so few and basic, and so natural and intuitive that practically anyone can practice them without even trying. The book, Of Human Nature and Good Habits, reveals those good habits that help you to develop and promote good personal habits and social skills. The book primarily deals with our everyday experiences of good life and living.

Life, Living and Lifestyle

Life, Living and Lifestyle


  A life is what is given to us; a lifestyle is what is given by us.  Lifestyle is our way of life. Based on how we customize our conducts and handle our habits, the quality of life translates into the quantity of life.  Research claims that maintaining only 5 good habits—(1) eating a healthy diet, (2) exercising regularly, (3) drinking only in moderation, (4) not smoking and (5) maintaining a healthy body weight—can not only keep the life thriving through golden years but also extend a man’s life expectancy at age 50 by 12 years, and a woman’s by 14. Life, Living and Lifestyle illustrates these aspects of lifestyles with a special connection between human evolution and civilization! 

How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life


Our seven basic human emotions—joy, anger, fear, surprise, contempt, sadness, and disgust—reflect many facets of our real-life experience. Through several million years of evolution and nature-human interaction, we carry these emotions with us, because they have helped us to survive as a species and to thrive as a result of it. They are essentially an integral part of what makes us human. How to Win Nature and Enjoy Good Life explores innate human traits and their relationship with nature. It primarily deals with love, relationship, marriage, food, and everyday family life.

Health and Medical Care

Health and Medical Care



  Through evil, you appreciate the value of civil; through hunger, the value of food; through apnea, the value of sleep; through sickness, the value of wellness.The sweetness of wellness is better realized through the bitterness of illness. Health and Medical Care dispenses the first-line care and preventive measure in many of our common illness. The book deals with health and medical care services, and primarily, to prevent diseases and stay healthy and thrive.

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