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Of Human Nature and Good Habits

Prabhash Karan’s book Of Human Nature and Good Habits: Baby Steps to Follow Mother Nature will enable you to be a wholesome person. I understood the Universe better after reading the parts of the book which covered nature and the origin of life. What makes this book stand out from other books in this genre is the author’s ability to have the reader engaged in his discussions. Prabhash writes about things that the average human can relate to even as he goes further to discuss other deeper subjects. I admired that the author added an Abraham Lincoln quote when he started on Human Nature. The quote reads “If you look for the bad in people, expecting to find it, you surely will.” This classic Lincoln quote is self-explanatory as it essentially says you will find what you want to find if you keep digging.

Through this book, I got to understand why humans value good nature more than authority or any form of treasure. The author defined good nature as qualities that important people have. They include virtues like humility, care, love, patience, bravery, and confidence. The author also writes on the importance of having a good listening ear. Reading this book will have you understand the relationship between one’s DNA, their character and the influence the environment they are in has on them. The surroundings you grow in shape you. Your environment shapes your way of thinking and the perception you have.

I enjoyed reading about the difference between one’s Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and their Emotional Quotient (EQ). Prabhash explained in detail how some people have their IQs raise when they live in certain locations. This book will help you live a simple honest life and have you stay natural at all times. One of my favorite parts in the book was the topic of human emotion and life experience. Some of the topics the author handled hit closer to home, leading me to several moments of self-reflection. The author has encouraging texts for people who are undergoing depression or trying to beat it. Prabhash insisted on the need to focus on positive experiences to avoid sadness and misery. Being around positive energy will help raise your spirits as you face depression.

Of Human Nature and Good Habits is a good read if you are conscious of your mental, environmental and general well-being. The author arranged the topics he discussed systematically, making reading a fun experience. The book can also be classified as motivational because of the nuggets of wisdom in between the pages. One commendable thing about this book is how deep the discussions were. The author not only touched on humans and their characters but also other forces that are part of the universe. You can read this book in bits and still connect the topics.

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