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Nature Is My Teacher

Nature is My Teacher is an insightful and enlightening text that will inspire readers. Prabhash Karan uses science and spirituality to explain nature and biology. This book is an expansive text that delves into many topics. Karan writes extensively about nature, climate, and the history of the Universe itself. Karan also writes about how nature is being polluted by deforestation, climate change, and carelessness about nature. He not only writes about nature’s problems, but how to solve them. He advocates using renewable energy and taking action to take care of the Earth. Karan writes about human biology, physical health, and mental health. He writes about the physical life cycle of a human and psychological life of people’s emotions. He details how nature, emotion, and even a person’s diet, are connected to impact people’s lives. Karan implores readers to fully express their emotions and to take care of their surrounding environments. Nature is My Teacher also advocates for readers to continue to learn and to remember the importance of education to enrich their lives. Nature is My Teacher perfectly combines the scientific and spiritual. Karan writes in great detail about nature and the history of Earth, but also tells moving stories about how growing up in rural India helped him appreciate nature more. He humanizes nature by referring to her as ‘Mother’ and advises readers on how to care for Mother Nature. Karan writes movingly about living peacefully and living in harmony with other people will help readers live their best lives. Nature is My Teacher also advocates for readers to empathize with each other to create inner peace. Additionally, Karan writes about how to treat mental illness not only with medication, but throughout the text is enhanced by diagrams and quotes from philosophers such as Victor Hugo.

Nature is My Teacher would be best for readers who like books that mix science and self-help, like Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Readers of self-help authors like Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Miracles will also gain insight from Karan’s writing. The book could be given out at spiritual and environmental gatherings. The scientific aspects of the book could be taught in university science classes as well. Nature is My Teacher is a book that will inspire readers to take care of themselves and nature. Karan’s wide-ranging book will take readers on an unforgettable spiritual journey.

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